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P.O. BOX 40392
Houston, TX. 77240

PAYMENT POLICY: When buying a puppy, we ask for a $500 deposit (unless posted otherwise). The deposit is not refundable, but it can be used towards other litters. After the pups are born, we require weekly payments to be made towards the cost of the puppy. The pup must be fully paid for by the time he reaches 6 weeks old. PLEASE understand that it is a serious bussiness and we are here to sell the best pups around and not to board the pups, we are not a boarding kennel. Once the pups turn 7 weeks old, we make shipping arrangements and by the time it is 8 weeks old, it is ready to fly, there are no exceptions to this rule. When the puppy is under our care we are fully responsible, that's why we try to ship them out at 8 weeks old. If someone has a remaining balance when the pup reaches 8 weeks old, then the buyer must send in the balance within 24 hours or the pup will be placed up forsale again and no refund will be given to the buyer. If you happen to send in a deposit it's because you are sure you want a pup from us. We ask that just SERIOUS BUYERS send in deposits.

PAYMENT METHODS: You can pay through MoneyGram, Western Union or Money Orders. We also have PAYPAL for your convenience. PAYPAL charges us a 4% handling fee that we pass on to you, so please check the chart below to see the amount you need to add to the purchase price when buying through PAYPAL. NO CHECKS ACCEPTED.

You can use Paypal to pay with your credit/debit card or bank account (you don't need a Paypal account to do this).



A 2% Fee will be added for all over the phone credit card Payments.

100.00 (payment) + 4.00 (paypal fee) = $104.00 Total

200.00 (payment) + 8.00 (paypal fee) = $208.00 Total

300.00 (payment) + 12.00 (paypal fee) = $312.00 Total

400.00 (payment) + 16.00 (paypal fee) = $416.00 Total

500.00 (payment) + 20.00 (paypal fee) = $520.00 Total

600.00 (payment) + 24.00 (paypal fee) = $624.00 Total

700.00 (payment) + 28.00 (paypal fee) = $728.00 Total

800.00 (payment) + 32.00 (paypal fee) = $832.00 Total

900.00 (payment) + 36.00 (paypal fee) = $936.00 Total

1000.00 (payment) + 40.00 (paypal fee) = $1040.00 Total

1100.00 (payment) + 44.00 (paypal fee) = $1144.00 Total

1200.00 (payment) + 48.00 (paypal fee) = $1248.00 Total

1300.00 (payment) + 52.00 (paypal fee) = $1352.00 Total

1400.00 (payment) + 56.00 (paypal fee) = $1456.00 Total

1500.00 (payment) + 60.00 (paypal fee) = $1560.00 Total

1600.00 (payment) + 64.00 (paypal fee) = $1664.00 Total

1700.00 (payment) + 68.00 (paypal fee) = $1768.00 Total

1800.00 (payment) + 72.00 (paypal fee) = $1872.00 Total

1900.00 (payment) + 76.00 (paypal fee) = $1976.00 Total

2000.00 (payment) + 80.00 (paypal fee) = $2080.00 Total

Send us an email:

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for visiting our website, and please feel free to look at our dogs and Always remember to choose your puppy wisely, because that will be your faithful companion for the rest of your life and the rest of its too. You can send us an Email: REALPITS@YAHOO.COM or call us at (832) 512-1663. Once again Thank you very much and keep coming to see new breedings.

Order Online or CALL 1-800-474-7044 and USE THE CODE 72199 FOR HUGE SAVINGS!






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