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Amy B. Massachusetts

Oh believe me - she is a pampered princess! She's my baby! Thanks for putting her pictures up! We're always so proud of her. The picture of her in the bandana was taken last weekend. We did a walk-a-thon for the local animal shelter. She was the only pit bull there and she was a huge hit!! Everyone loved her coloring! Tons of people took her picture and they're on the shelter's website! She's wonderful and we love her very much! She's already spoiled rotten.

Just wanted to check in and let you know that Skie (sounds like Sky) is doing great! She is enjoying her new home and we love her very much. She's a big hit in the neighborhood already. Everyone thinks she's beautiful, which of course she is!!


Amy B.
Administrative Officer


Alexxus, California

Im glad you got the pictures.  I'll send you some more here in the next few weeks.  She weighs 52 lbs. now.  We love her to death. I think shes the most spoiled dog ever.  Talk to you soon.


April Z, Pennsylvania

     Hey, it's April in Pa. Just thought I would update on China Doll.  She's gotten so big since we've gotten her and she's just as sweet as when we brought her home.  She really is a wonderful animal and I think we'd be lost without her.  She is so playful and protective. Thank you!!!
April Z.


Bryan K. California

Yeah his head is definately big these days.  He still has some growing to do but his muscle's are toning very nicely which you'll see when I get a good picture.   
I am only willing to breed him with another dog that has a pedigree and the dog's temperment is also very important to me.  Klepto's temperment is amazing, I have had numerous people that have been around pit bull's their whole life that are amazed by Klepto's Temperment.  Well anyway enjoy the pictures and let me know if you can help me out.

Bryan and Klepto


Carlos V.  California

Here are some pics of my monster Odin.  Now at 11 mo. he weighs 92 lbs. and has a 25" head.  Every time I take him somewhere people give me compliments about how good he looks. I'm very proud and happy with him. He's a great dog with the sweetest temperment.  He'll even let the female eat first, and gets along with all of my boys dogs.  You guys did a great job on the breeding, great background, thanks.

Carlos V.


Garden Grove, CA

Daisy P. Pennsylvania


Recibe tu carta perdona que le escribe tan tarde. Gracias por las fotos. El perro esta bien lindo y a los niños le encantan. Estábamos pensando en un nombre y decidimos el nombre “shadow”. Estamos muy excitados por tener el perrito aquí con nosotros.  Espero que se encuentre bien tu y tu familia.
Hasta luego Daisy y familia

Daisy P.


Danielle J. Iowa

Thanks so much! People Keep stopping by so often to see our Diamond! SHE IS SO GORGEOUS! Alot of people think shes a male!

Danielle J.


Robert, Arizona

The puppy (Rogue) is doing great, Thanks again for the great dog . The whole family loves her very much .





Delma, Texas


Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our pup bullit.

He is getting so big, doing good, healthy and active. Thanks Again!





Shannon, Washington DC

Hi - this is Drew Beale's girlfriend and he asked me to email you recent pictures of 'Big Willy' as I like to call him.  I am a veterinary technician and I just wanted to tell you that he is an amazing specimen of a dog.  I am so impressed with his quality and you have no idea how many compliments I get when I walk him.  Working in the field that I do, I hear all the negative things you could ever imagine about this breed but I am totally honest in saying that in the 6 years I have been doing this job, I would rather work on a 80 pound pit than a 5 pound chihuahua any day.  I try my best to correct peoples view of the breed every day by letting them know that they are really great dogs as long as they are brought up right.  They are extremely loyal, great with children, easily trained, and best of all, as a vet tech they are probably the healthiest breed I have ever seen.  When you own a pit you don't have to worry about all the problems that come along with many  of the other purebreds like lypomas in Golden Retrievers or ear problems with cocker spaniels.  Well this email turned out longer than I intended but I just really wanted to let you know that is great to see someone producing such a great blood line, I have seen some seriously crappy "breeders" and those are the ones who give this great breed a bad name.  So here are more pics of Big Willy, we can send more as they come, I love taking pics of the dogs!!  I will try to take better ones to send you.



Washington, DC

Ed, New York

Yes i am having my mom take care of the puppy and send you pics soon, cuz i still am stationed in iraq, but he is a beast he is getting big quick i am very happy with him and i am looking into getting another dog from you soon too



Elizabeth, Minnesota

The Vet stated he is a beautiful puppy and they have not seen as nice of a pitbull bully ever up here. I figured I would let you know that. I love him and am very happy with him. I like his personality. I just wanted to thank you guys again for everything. I am 100% pleased with the dog that you guys sent to me and as your website states.... he is a dog that gets looks and turns heads. Especially with how well his ears turned out. I would recommend you guys to anyone. Oh and if you are wondering what I decided to call him.... his name is Boss. Again a HUGE THANKYOU! He is one beautiful dog!!!!!!!!!
Elizabeth P.


Dr. Francisco, Mexico DF

Que tal Vanessa, que tal Benito, mira ya tengo el perro en casa y esta muy bien adaptado sin problemas. Esta muy bonito, de verdad me gusta en general. Ala brevedad te enviare el contrato, gracias a los dos por todo y por su apoyo, son muy buenas personas y sin su ayuda no hubiera sido posible tener a Big Sexi en casa, aun no sabemos el nombre ya te avisare, mil gracias de nuevo.

Doctor Francisco

Mexico D.F.

Joe & Amanda, New Jersey

Here we have "AVA" she is 60lbs+ and still growing.Every since we got her at 8 weeks she has brought nothing but happiness to our life.Every where we go with her she turns heads and stops traffic.She is great in everything she does,she has an excellent temperment and was easy to train.We our very proud of her and the pups she produced....

Joe & Amanda

New Jersey

Jama, Belize

Hello guys, we trully love this white bully, thank you very much for white boy, we love him and everywhere we go everybody loves him :)

we r lovin him.




Janet, Delaware

The pup had a wonderful night last night.  We both love him... Its funny cause this pup is what really brought us back together again after 11 years...  Please remember to mail the papers to Jasons address that I gave to you... Thanks so much his name is Deuces blue for you...




Joann, Michigan

Hello Vanessa & Benito,
She is doing great and I am so happy with her. I have received a lot of compliments on her. She weights over 20 lbs and is a ton of fun. I have her spoiled. She goes everywhere with me even to work. I named her Diva, it fits her.
I can't wait till she gets her ears done. They will be done next week. The vets around hear wont do them before they are 12 weeks.
Thank you for letting me purchase this awesome little girl. I'll send you pictures as soon as her ears are done.





Ya recibi la perrita benito. esta bien bonita y a todos les gusta mucho, soy la envidia de colombia.

les doy mil gracias por mandarme la perrita asta aca, mil gracias.



Juliana, New Hampshire

Thank you! She's phenomenal! I am in love with her so much she has a great personality and she has a great body! I love her markings. I have a appointment w her tomorrow for the vet they'll set her ears and give her the shots so I'm pretty excited for that. She's doing very well with my male apbt he's teaching her well she eats great and drinks plenty of water and LOVES to sleep and play. We went to the beach today and she loved walking around and I dipped her paws in the water and she loved that. She's a great little girl and I'm very happy to have her. Ill let you know when I receive the papers thanks guys!


New Hampshire

Joann, Michigan

Hello Vanessa & Benito,
She is doing great and I am so happy with her. I have received a lot of compliments on her. She weights over 20 lbs and is a ton of fun. I have her spoiled. She goes everywhere with me even to work. I named her Diva, it fits her.
I can't wait till she gets her ears done. They will be done next week. The vets around hear wont do them before they are 12 weeks.
Thank you for letting me purchase this awesome little girl. I'll send you pictures as soon as her ears are done.




Justin, Canada


When he first got here he was a little slow and slept lots. But with the travelling he did in one day and the climate change from Houston weather to the lovely -30 Alberta weather i totally understood why.
Now he plays and gets into all kinds of puppy trouble !... Me and my gf do nothing but love him though, hes such a sweetheart im happy i got him.
Thanks a million :-)




Kyle, California

Whats goin on benito heres king at about 4 and a half to 5 months hes bigger then the pictures now hes growning everyday hes about 48 to 50 pounds last we checked and hes the best dog in the world thats my son i take em everywhere i go my family and friends say that hes the most beautiful dog they have ever seen and everyone loves him hes very very playful and very loyal to me he never leaves my side thank you very much when i take some more picstures i will send them to you.  i just wanna say thank you very very much i love the puppy a whole whole lot he getting very big in this short time i have had him and hes healthy and just all around the best dog i have ever had.



Kyle, California

hey benito its kyle from california i took some recent pics of King last night just wanted to share them with you guys so you can update King's pics on your site and all that King is doing great as ever he has been working very hard all summer as you can see in the pics very muscular im takeing him to arizona with me to visit some family he has been training for weight pull im going to get him started in that soon and at the moment we are looking for a female to breed him with we have found 3 good looking blue females just waiting for them to go into heat i will let you know how its comeing along thanks benito  for my wonderful son king



Kyle, California

hey benito its kyle just wanted to share some photos i took of king today the last pic was the one i wanted you to really look at the one with him biting the rope it shows just how muscular and riped king is as do the other photos but i think that pic shows it the most he is doing great i still got him working out a lot ,everyone i have ever met on the street is ALWAYS  amazed by king they say how riped he is and how big he is and that he's not like all those other blues who look fat and lazy they say he is how a real pitbull should look thank you again for him i love him to death and am very proud of him you should put that last pic of king biting the rope on the website to show what your dog can produce



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